Pure Editions is a subdivision and brand of DecoSoap SPRL. DecoSoap BVBA is a family business was launched in 1995. You will find more info about DecoSoap BVBA under this text.

In1998 DecoSoap BVBA started making fragrances to be used specifically in soap, soap products and cosmetics. By the beginning of 2003,
we started to sellf our fine fragrances to the big public under the brand name ‘Le Parfumeur à l’Ancienne’.
In November 2018, we officially changed to brand name to Pure Editions, to increase visibility and to create a more modern look.


The nose behind the compositions is Kurt Vlaminck. The disign of fragrances started as a hobby. It didn't take a long time before the first fragrances were commercialized. Today, designing and selling fragrances is the main business of the company.







In 2001, DecoSoap SPRL started a cooperation with the company 3SN enterprise co  Ltd. to manufacture, distribute and retail the hand made soap flowers. All soap flowers were perfumed with our own fragrances.





We decided to take a new course in 2007. From now on we re-oriented our core business and decided to design and sell our Perfumes, Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes.

We also decided to stop manufacturing the basic essential oil as these oil are widely available from suppliers at cheap prices. Now we continue to manufacture fragrances for cosmetics, branding, soap, etc.


We make perfumes because people love our delicious fragrances. To keep costs as low as possible, we don't have any shop and only sell on the Internet and on the handicraft markets, like the handicraft market of Brussels. 

We also offer total solutions for professional customers; perfume oils, Eau de Parfums and even bottle design and perfume botteling of the tailered fragrances.






This website is basically a retail shop. Our wholesale customers can be companies, couturiers, wholesalers and shopkeepers. Many of our solutions are shipped outside of Europe.  

We don't have a showroom, nor a perfume museum. In case you wish to visit us, please inform us of your visit and send us a message using the contact button on the left side of the page in the menu list. Don't forget to send us your contact information and phone number.




DecoSoap BVBA
Borrestraat 37
3090 Overijse
VAT number: BE 0457 088 150