Special events: none

You can find us at the following markets

  1. Brussels, place marché aux herbes
    Opening days: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the year and publlic national holidays
    Opening hours: From 11 AM until 19 PM
    Location: Grasmarkt (place marché aux Herbes), 1000 Brussels (also known as the Agora Market)
    Market closure months: All the month of January
  1. We regularly participate the following weekly markets:
    1. On Tuesdays: Court-Saint-Etienne in the morning, Huldenberg in the afternoon, Stockel in the morning
    2. On Wednesdays: Wavre in the morning, Vilvoorde in the morning
    3. On Thursdays: Aarschot in the morning,
    4. On Fridays: Tervuren in the morning, Hoeilaart in the morning

Please find below our agenda. You can click on the day to get more detailed information.

We try to come as much as we can, but please understand that we cannot come if the weather conditions do not allow.
The following meteorological exceptions must be considered:

  • Wind speed of more than 80 km/h
  • Snowfall
  • Non stop rain all day
  • Ice storm
  • Very cold temperatures with day temperatures not exceeding -5°C during the day

If you have any doubt, we advise you to check the calendar below. In case we cannot attend the market, we will add this to the agenda below.
You can contact us by sending an email on our contact page or call use by phone at the following mobile number:
+32 495 277 865