21. Sublime BXL

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Perfume information
Olfactory group: oriental powder woody
Concentration: perfume extract (25% oil)

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Perfume description

This fragrance is a tribute to Brussels as the main note in this fragrance is the iris. Yes... the iris flower is the symbol of Brussels. We introduced this fragrance in 2011 the day of the iris festival in Brussels.
Sublime BXL is a zen fragrance. It radiates confidence and balance. This perfume makes you approachable by anyone around you. It's a perfect companion at all the occasions or places where screeming out loud fragrances are not appreciated. Doctor visit, library, when you are pregnant or when you are travelling next to other people in an airplane or bus.
Sublime BXL tends to be more feminine, but some men looking for an innofensive fragrance can wear it too.

Perfume specifications

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