18. Fata Morgana

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Perfume information
Olfactory group: oriental woody fruity
Concentration: perfume extract (25% oil)

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Perfume description

Lovely, discreet, close to skin saffron scent that smells like well....real saffron! Elegant and pronounced, not a spice explosion. This is obviously a unisex fragrance. If you ever had a saffron tea, it smells the same, but with a sweet hint of the Turkish rose. The aoud just makes this fragrance much deeper and long lasting. This really feels like middle east, but not too overwhelming. Some of the oriental middle east fragrances are way too strong. It smell like you are sitting on top of a desert sand mountain, overlooking the distance, where an imaginary city is rising out in the distant horizon due to the heat of the sun.

Perfume specifications

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