53. Oud 18 Carat (anno 2013)

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Perfume information
Olfactory group: oriental woody
Concentration: perfume extract (25% oil)

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Perfume description

This fragrance will take you on a journey beyond the invisible. If you give it a chance, it will break down invisible walls. Oud 18 Carat is a royal, transcendent, monumental and tender interpretation of oud with a bit gentle, soft and kind opening notes of enjoyable and pleasant oud, moderatly sweet and nutty leather and romantic orange and sensual pepper. During mid development, woody / earthy elements begins to surface, vetiver and sandalwood, mixed with spices, vanilla and oud. This is a light oud fragrance for men and ladies, not too overwhelming like you would expect from a heavy oud fragrance. This is the European interpretation of the heavy middle east oud.


Perfume specifications

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