12. Silhouette Deluxe

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Perfume information
Olfactory group: chypre floral fruity
Concentration: perfume extract (25% oil)

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Perfume description

Silhouette Deluxe has the vibe of the sihouette of a queen. Wear this perfume and it will wear like a silhouette, as if you are the queen of a kingdom with only men. The other women are rejected by all the men, because you are wearing the ultimate fragrance that catches the attention of all of them. It is a romantic, warm, very dry, elegant and always wearable fragrance for any season and at any time. Although it is a female fragrance, some men could even wear this scent.
Somehow it smells gray, cloudy, classy, pearls, and expensive and luxurious but not glittery or sparkly. It smells expensive in the way velvet and cashmere may be. This is wine, not champagne; pearls and silver, not gold and glittery jewels.


Perfume specifications

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