As many shops are sold out of hand gels and alcohol, we get many requests if our ethanol or alcohol can be used as a disinfectant.
The alcohol we use in the production process of our fragrances is non pharmaceutical alcohol.
This alcohol can be used as a disinfectant of surfaces or your hands.
You can order 0,5 L of alcohol on our website.

Our alcohol has a concentration of 95% and therefor is much more disinfectant effective than the traditional 70% used in hand gels for example.

We decided not to make hand gels, as hand gels can only be used to disinfect hands. However, our alcohol is more liquid and therefor can be used to disinfect:
1. your hands
2. any other infected surface like door handles, shopping caddies, steering wheels of cars, ATM buttons, paper money, coins

Buy the optional spray bottles so you can vaporize the alcohol on any surface easily.

Denaturalised Ethanol (95% Ethanol, 3% Galaxolide, 1% Bitrax, 1% Phtphalat) QTY 0,5L - incl. tax
0,5 L Ethanol Packed in a plastic or aluminum bottle. Only to be used to mix with esssential oils ..
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