1. Golcia (anno 2003)


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Perfume Information
Golcia is an amazing fresh perfume. Once you get used to this perfume, it won't let you go. You'll feel like you want to smell it again, again and again when you get used to this perfume. Golcia is a womens' perfume, but some men love it too. This is a unique spring, autumn perfume. The mandarin, lemon and orange fragrances are well stabilized with the rosemary and paliasander extracts.
Olfactive group: citric fruity woody
Volatility on the skin:  9 hours
Volatility on the clothes:  12 hours
Stability of the perfume:

the citric ingredients will be dominant in the top notes, but when the perfume gets dry,  the perfume is rather floral woody

Concentration: Parfum extract concentration 25%
Perfume Style:
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