60. Driver

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Perfume information
Olfactory group: floral aromatic fern
Concentration: perfume extract (25% oil)

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Perfume description

Opens with a few spicy notes similar to most generic men's colognes, and then you'll get geranium notes and a noticeable quite sharp medicinal lemon or lime breath from the Armoise. The spicy notes are followed the typical leather and lavendar. Then it's that Geranium leaves that takes over. When one sprays it for the first time the spices are dull but one has to wait for this thing to really kick in. As soon as the fresh burst evaporates the wormwood and green notes are obvious. These green notes surround florals of carnation, rosemary and again the spices. This fresh soapy scent is good enough for everyone who likes traditional scents. It is a perfect fragrance for the mature man. No feminity in there at all.

Perfume specifications

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